In addition to offering cash on the spot for junk car recycling, Metro Metals also gives you top dollar on scrap metal and converters. If you’ve got scrap metal lying around your shop, or your industry creates scrap metal, Metro Metals wants to give you the best price for it. Plumbers and electricians, as well as machine shops, body shops and construction companies end up creating a lot of scrap metal. Why not turn it into cash at Metro Metals?

Crane grabber loading metal scrap

Metro Metals Can Help You And Your Business Recycle Metal

Have you got junk metal lying around at your shop or business? Metro Metals can turn it into cash for you instead of an eyesore. Metro Metals accepts a wide range of materials including:

Recycle Electronics And Catalytic Converters For Cash

You can get cash for other recyclable materials you’ve been holding onto when you sell it to Metro Metals. Get paid cash for your unwanted electronic scrap such as cell phones, computer towers, computer chips and gaming systems.

Metro Metals offers catalytic converter recycling as well. Through Converter King, a division of Metro Metals, you’ll receive the maximum cash payment for your converter in St. Paul. Don’t let that valuable platinum, palladium, or rhodium in your converter go to waste. Converter King’s knowledgeable buyers will recycle your converter and offer you the best deal in return.

Get The Most Money For Your Scrap Materials

Metro Metals offers competitive pricing for your scrap metal and other materials. We pay by the pound, using a state-certified scale. See our pricing chart to see how much you can get paid for your items.

Not only will you get the best deal for your scrap metal at Metro Metals. We also make it quick and easy for you to drop off your materials. Plus, we keep a clean driving lane at all times and you won’t have to worry about a flat tire when you drive in.

With so many options and services, Metro Metals is here to serve your recycling needs.