plumber-scrap-pipeMinneapolis and St. Paul are home to thousands of businesses and attractions in the Twin Cities metro area.  The Science Museum in St. Paul receives tens of thousands of visitors every month.  The Mall of America consists of over 400 stores and receives over 35 million visitors every year.  Tens of thousands of people commute to Minneapolis every day to work in buildings like the IDS Tower, Wells Fargo Center, US Bank Plaza, Target Field, and the Graves 601 Hotel.

All of these buildings use a sophisticated network of plumbing that supplies fresh water and removes waste and sewage.  Because of all of the materials needed to plumb a personal residence, business, or attraction, it’s no wonder plumbing is one of the most expensive industries in the world.  From tools and supplies to employees and contractors, these costs can add up until there is virtually no room left for profit.

Scrap Metal is Our Business

At Metro Metals Recycling, we know how costly your venture can be.  That’s why we want to pay YOU for your excess scrap metal created from your job sites.  That’s right!  Bring your scrap metal to Metro Metals Recycling and we’ll pay you for your scrap.  From copper to stainless steel, aluminum to iron, ferrous and non-ferrous, Metro Metals Recycling offers the most competitive prices in the Twin Cities.

plumber-scrap-copper-tubingMetro Metals Recycling is constantly purchasing plumber scrap such as:

  • #1 Copper
  • #2 Copper
  • Yellow Brass
  • Red Brass

We accept all scrap metal, no matter how big or small the quantity.  Have a truck full of cast iron, copper, or galvanized steel?  Metro Metals Recycling now has a crane to help you unload your vehicles.  Visit our facility and let us show you how fast we can get you in, get you out, and get you back to the projects you’d rather be doing, like running your business.

Volume Pricing

srap metal volume pricing
View our scrap metal price page and find out how big of a return you could be getting on the scrap metal you were just going to throw away.  If you are working on a large project, ask us about our various size bins, self-dumping hoppers, and roll-off containers.  We have the ability to deliver these containers to your site. You fill them, call us up, and we will haul them away, saving you time, money, and resources which can help you get your projects done faster and positively affect your bottom line.

If you have larger quantities of metal, call Irwin at 651-373-9854 to see if you qualify for special volume pricing!  Our experienced personnel will visit your job site to better assist your operation and accurately price quote your material.  We want your business and we’re willing to earn it.  Call today for a free, no-hassle scrap quote or stop in to visit our facilities and see for yourself why we are the fastest growing scrap recycler in the industry.