Sell your retired electronic scrap to Metro Metals Recycling for fast easy cash! Here at Metro Metals Recycling we are committed to providing the highest level of customer service possible because the relationships we establish with our customers is of the utmost importance.  We are also committed to our duty of ensuring all our scrap is recycled in an environmentally responsible way. That is why as a newly certified electronics recycler we would like to provide the same sort of superior knowledge and pricing to all your electronic recycling needs, further providing you with a one of a kind recycling experience at one convenient location.

Please call 651-775-5215 to speak with Will regarding any questions you may have. Ask about volume pricing!

                          Items We Buy

ITEM Price per Pound
Computer Towers $0.10
Hard Drives $0.35
CD Drives $0.06
Cell Phones $2.00
Power Supplies $0.06
Laptop Computers $0.15
AC Adapters $0.10
Computer Boards Depends on grade
Computer Chips Depends on grade

                         Items We Do Not Buy

  • Monitors and TV’s
  • Speakers
  • VHS, DVD and CD Players
  • Radios
  • Home Phones

                 Industries  We Are Looking To Serve

  • Printed circuit manufacturers
  • Electronics industry
  • Telephone and Communications Industry
  • Retired Medical Equipment
  • Printing industry
  • IT Companies
  • Computer Repair Shops/De-Manufactures