Benefits To Recycling Aluminum CansIf you don’t already recycle your used aluminum cans, you’ll probably have a change of heart after learning about all the positive benefits that aluminum recycling can provide you and the environment. When you’re ready to recycle your used beverage cans, look no further than Metro Metals Recycling.

How You Benefit From Recycling Aluminum Cans

After you finish drinking from an aluminum can, the last thing on your mind is probably recycling it. When you’re cleaning up after a party or get together and you’re short on time, it’s probably easiest to throw all the used cans into a garbage bag and call it a day. However, you might decide to spend an extra few minutes on compiling the cans to be recycled if you learn about how it can benefit you.

Metro Metals Recycling accepts used beverage cans at $0.35 per pound, so why throw them out if you know that they can be recycled and reused to create new materials? Plus, you can even make a profit from collecting used beverage cans and selling them to Metro Metals Recycling.

It takes approximately 32 empty soda cans or 28 beer cans to equal one pound, so start collecting your used beverage cans today and sell them whenever you’re ready to make some extra cash.

For more information on recycling aluminum, visit the Metro Metals Recycling website.

How Recycling Used Beverage Cans Benefits The Environment

If you live in the Twin Cities area and can swing by Metro Metals Recycling at your convenience, then selling your used beverage cans is the best way to earn some extra cash while also benefiting the environment. If you don’t live in the Twin Cities area, you can also use your local curbside recycling program to recycle used beverage cans.

When you recycle your used beverage cans, you will benefit the environment in the following ways:

  • You’ll reduce your carbon footprint: According to the S. Environmental Protection Agency, aluminum recycling prevents more than 90 million tons of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere each year.
  • You’ll save energy: According to The Aluminum Association, recycling old cans into new uses 95 percent less energy and releases 95 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than creating entirely new cans.
  • You’ll be recycling a sustainable metal: There is no limit as to how many times aluminum can be recycled!
  • Aluminum cans are 100 percent recyclable: Aluminum cans are the most recyclable of all recyclable materials. Recycled aluminum cans will be back on the store shelf in 60 days!

Visit Metro Metals Recycling Today

There are many great benefits to recycling with Metro Metals, but the best benefit of all is that you receive cash on the spot at our convenient Twin Cities location. We even accept junk cars!

Call us today at 651-641-0977 or stop in when you’re in the area. We purchase nearly all varieties of scrap metal, including catalytic converters, vehicles, brass, aluminum, steel, copper, ferrous, and more!